Tobias Smollett, Critic and Journalist.



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Editorial Reviews:

Through a careful reading of The Critical Review (1756-63) and The British Magazine (1760-67)-the years of Smollett’s editorship-James Basker identifies more than 250 additions to Smollett’s canon and makes a good argument for restoring 15 essays to Goldsmith’s. Along the way, Basker sheds important new light on the history of magazine publication and of reviewing practices, ranging from the methods by which journals acquired review copies of books to Smollett’s invention of reviews of works of art. Basker’s prose is somewhat wooden and his critical stance dated (except in the area of print technology’s relations to literary practices), but he advances enough new information and well-grounded speculation to give us a genuinely new picture of Smollett (who may well, as it turns out, be the model for Samuel Johnson’s Dick Minim). This is an important book, both of literary biography and publishing history, which any larger undergraduate library will wish to own.

-D.L. Patey, Smith College, Choice Review


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